Prairie House Restaurant Remodel


This was an incredibly exciting project as it gave Traci Rauner Design the freedom to really shine and stretch my wings but there were also some limitations.  In addition to having defined dimensional limitations, the client had already purchased tables and booths and I had the creative challenge of making them fit. The feel of the restaurant was to be modern and up-to-date and yet very homey and comfortable. Repurposing items that are extremely family to this rural community; old pallets, barn siding, galvanized roofing material and bricks created exactly the look and feel we wanted. These “hard” decorative elements were softened with cork walls to help absorb the sound of a busy restaurant. Then I took to the flea market to add more upcycled décor. Visit the restaurant and look for the old windmill (art piece), chicken coop trays (used as wall dividers with candle lighting) and antique crates (as wine storage). The custom designed bar back unit is a true highlight, giving bartenders and guests everything they need.